Cannon Beach and Basset Hounds

I just love the idea of a little family day out; me, husband and the doggins. Very rarely do I take a day off at the weekend to embark on such things. If I don’t work I don’t earn, one of the minus points of working for yourself but having some enjoyable summer days with my people – Levi and Beckham Dog, is invaluable. Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast was on the agenda on this rare day off. First fact to know is it’s the beach featured in the film, The Goonies. The big rock which stands just off the shore is the viewpoint at the end of the film. If you haven’t seen The Goonies, why not? It’s a classic.


This little town is very well kept, to me it looks a bit like a film set, kind of picture perfect and colourful. It’s very quaint with an older style about it but at the same time feels sort of new? I think because of the neatness of the place.

The drive from Portland doesn’t take long and is very pleasant winding through the mountain pass. It took us about 80 minutes or so. Mind you we did leave at 2 pm so traffic wasn’t too mental, I know, that’s well late but actually it worked out really well as the doggy wouldn’t have been up for a whole day there. I love my dog, loads, she is the little baby and Levi’s little girl but my god she is so annoying! 80 minutes of whining gets old quickly. It’s the kind of noise that is pretty hard to tune out, I will add here that she goes in the car regularly but acts as if it’s her first most terrifying time ever.  It definitely gets on Levi’s nerves and it can easily ignite the spark of a squabble as it gets hectic while trying to drive and talk. You can’t go anywhere with that girl! She acts as if she is going to die and is continuously scrambling along the pavement like her life depends on it. The day starts off a little stressful as we honestly feel like ‘what were we thinking’ as we begin to walk around the town. Beckham hates people, hates them, from little old ladies to children it doesn’t matter. Everyone loves the look of Beckham and always wants to say hello to her but she acts like a dickhead towards them. So there we are, walking around and enjoying being a tourist but trying to remain calm and collected with a crazy wide-eyed and frantic scramble dog on our hands.

To me the beach means ice cream and salty chips – for my American friends I mean chips as in fish & chips, so these were first on the list of things to do. The ice-cream is local and there were a load of flavours to choose from. Taking it in turns to hold mad dog outside while the other goes in, I went for mint choc chip which wasn’t actually dyed green, bonus. Levi and his sophisticated pallet went for his favourite flavour, blue. In this case blue turned out to be bubble-gum flavour. Gross. As a baker and someone who appreciates food I am pretty critical of anything I eat. It can be a pain in the arse sometimes but I honestly can’t help it, it is my taste buds fault. Trying any kind of bakery item is the worst. The chips left me pretty let down, they were fry’s with a seasoning on?! Advertised as ‘chips’ I expected chunky salty greasy chips, what a shame Cannon Beach, what a shame.

There are some nice places to eat here, lots of choice so you can wander round until you find something that tickles your fancy. The shops are typical ‘beach side tourist’ which one expects – think t-shirts with I love Cannon Beach written on, also art, book shops, candy shops…all make for good mooching.  But the best bit is…the beach baby!

The sand is near bleached white and so soft, the beach is wide and stretches as long as you can see. It was pretty busy but as it is so big there is space for everyone. Beckham changes on the beach – I don’t mean into her bikini, we let her off the lead and she loved it! She was running around and attempted a paddle but wasn’t so keen on the waves getting her face wet. We found a good spot to camp out in, there was a wind which gave us and the hound relief from the suns heat but trying to lay towels down with a wet mad dog barking and stomping all over them, the wind and minor sand storm at ground level, it was a little tricky. It was great to lay there listening to the sound of the ocean, smelling the smell of the beach and the distant noise of people. I did a super quick paddle, well, more of a as soon as the water touched me and I feel how FREEZING it was I quickly retract back. Levi on the other hand was straight in there, mental, I don’t know how he does it. These waters require a wetsuit for shizzle. The only other people braving the fresh waters were a brother and sister and a body board. The waves didn’t exit but they were having fun. I did notice how red with cold their bodies were when they walked past!



When Beckham Dog had had enough we head back to town and rewarded ourselves with food. Pizza this time. Yeah this day was full of all food likely to give you a heart attack. Although we had to wait for 25 minutes for a table outside this little pizza place we had a cold beer and were pretty entertained by the Crow which kept pooing on people and their pizza! Pizza is one of those things that tastes ok even when it’s bad, because it’s pizza. Our Greek choice looked great but could have been better, we didn’t care though. The weary three of us head back to the car, Levi slightly sunburnt, me a little chilly and Beckham still in freak out mode. Luckily though she was tired from all the running round and emotional trauma so we didn’t hear a peep out of her until we got home.



P.s. sand really does get everywhere!


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  1. Rene says:

    Love love love Cannon Beach! Wonderful to lie on the sand and listen to all the sounds of the beach.

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