Travel Wankers

Sorry for any offensive language 😉 it’s just a term has been coined for those really super annoying “travellers” one meets on one’s travels. The eloquently and lovingly put together term has been derived to outline those people you bump into on the travel road, you know, the proper travellers who are better travellers than you…the travel @>#kers.

First things first, lets discuss what traveller actually means. The good old Oxford Dictionary (you can’t mess with that book!) says, a person who is travelling or who often travels. So what distinguishes a traveller from a holidaymaker? When I first went to Uni, I studied art but the Uni I was at shut down and in my youth I thought, what else do I  like other than art? I know…travel! So I started a Travel and Tourism degree. I HATED it. After the first year I left and went back to study art. Anyway, in that year we discussed the question of what makes someone a traveller. Where is the line between someone on a holiday or someone who likes to travel or someone who is a traveller?


I think we can safely agree that there is a difference between people who go on holiday – herded like sheep following their Rep Nicky from Basildon telling you when you’re going to have ‘fun’, and people who travel. Maybe it’s an attitude along with duration of stay married with engagement in the location? And I think we can agree that there are levels of traveller in that some people roam continuously, some for a number of months and some for a few weeks. What I am pointing to here is the ‘proper’ traveller, the person who will actually judge you in your choice of accommodation, how you spend your money, how enlightened you are and how worldly you have become. They are the ones who shake their heads if you use the internet to find out stuff and at how much luggage you have! They are full of world stories and encounters but they say it all so annoyingly! Like they know all there is to know and you are just some mere travel pup who has oh so much to learn.

These travel @>#kers have the same kind of beat down weary ambiance to them, usually scruffy and probably a bit dirty – you’re not a proper traveller if you wash your clothes or sleep in a clean bed. They may ask you and snigger at how many pairs of shoes you bought – they tend to be sans flip flops, not sure why. These peeps are pretty arrogant, far superior in their experiences and generally are a better traveller than you. You will know when you meet one, and I hope the travel @>#ker term pops in ya head to make you smile.

I think travel is just wonderful and anyone who has the intention to get a little out of their comfort zone, enjoy anther culture and cuisine and drift away from ‘orientation meeting at 9:00 am’ or the organised ‘fun pub crawl’ is on the travel path.

Go forth and travel fine people! The world is our playground.


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