Slice of Cake Meets Slice of Life.

I have to apologize for the sporadic posts of late. I am back in full swing of the farmer’s market season and it’s kicking my arse.
For those who haven’t gathered I run a domestic based bakery business called the Great British Bakery, using the local farmer’s markets as a venue to operate my little pop up bakery.  Me and a domestic oven that really doesn’t like to bake more than two things at once, are the brains behind this operation. I bake all through the day and night to make fresh delightful goodies for my punters, this means Tash gets NO sleep, which in turn means Tash gets out of whack with time and life, hence the lack of posts.

Anyway. The farmer’s markets. What an idyllic place and community be involved in, and it is but along with being a vendor comes all kinds of weird and wonderful people that pass your stall. Generally, the general public can be a bit of a strange lot and it is never dull when you meet a real slice of life every weekend.

I have met some wonderful people! They are loyal, have brought me cups of tea, offered assistance, exchanged produce for treats, given me gifts, become my friends, given me money and I’m fortunate in that they are kind enough to purchase my goodies. I am so grateful for these people! they brighten my day and make my business a business.

There are also the people who like to quiz you, question you, suck you of life and correct you on your pronunciation of British words, tell you bluntly what they really think and regurgitate any stereotype of Britain they know.

Common things I expect on a typical market day:

  • Having someone in your face mimicking every word in what they feel is a British accent
  • Having people talk to you and ask questions then after 20 mins tell you they ‘can’t eat this stuff’ and walk off
  • Having people tell you how rainy and gray Britain is and how we drink tea
  • Have people think you either sit around like in Downton Abbey or live in a castle with no electric
  • Ask you what the weather is like in Europe, refer to you as simply European, think of Europe as one country and tell you we like to drink warm beer – no one likes to drink warm beer!
  • Ask what has the least sugar in as they are diabetic and shouldn’t eat it (?!)
  • Have someone tell you gluten is evil – don’t even get me started on being gluten free!
  • Look at everything and moan about the calories
  • Tell me I should bake more if I have run out of an item (I literally couldn’t bake any more than I do already)
  • Act supprised to hear I have a real British accent, not faking it
  • Ask me what something is and the price when the sign is right there

It’s never dull when you interact with such a mix of people and I certainly reap the benefits when I receive amazing compliments and are lucky enough that people will line up to spend their money on my goods.

One of my food exchanges brought me together with these amazing things!

The wiggly wonderful whimsical and rather rowdy stems are Garlic Scapes. They are usually cut when growing garlic to ensure all energy goes into the garlic bulb but these stems alone are so delicious! Grill them – my fav cooked with olive oil, BBQ them, chop them and add to anything that requires a garlic flavour, even add to a flower arrangement.

The other Chive-like monster stems I’m a little puzzled by. I attempted to cut the tube, fill with cream cheese and grill. This did not work, at all. Can anyone offer an interesting way to use these beauties? Or even tell me then name of them?

Go to your local farmers market, it’s well good.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mommaj4 says:

    Ah, yes, working with the public (I’m probably one of those “diabetic” customers “I wonder which has the least sugar”…hello! I shouldn’t even be looking, but, Tash, your goodies are all SO beautiful and displayed so beautifully! Funny part about you’re just European ~ my daughter lives in Manchester, but everyone asks how my daughter in LONDON is doing….well, every time I see you at Market, you always, always have a lovely smile on your face. 🙂


    1. Tash says:

      Ahh yes, where are you from? London? I get that all the time too! Thanks for your lovely comments 😌 see you at the market!!


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