Stink Room But It’s OK.

I moaned a little bit about my last room. It was musty smelling and a bit grubby. It was super basic but the surrounding gardens were lovely and there was a pool which was gorgeous. In Ubud, Bali, you don’t have access to the beach. Falling into a swimming pool is nothing but heaven when you have been wandering the streets of Ubud ALL day and have made it home to your room one sweaty, dirty, sticky hot mess. Yeah, a pool is luxury! Basically the last place was a palace. How on earth could I have even complained about mustiness and some grubbiness? What’s wrong with me? After ‘needing’ to stay in Ubud for an extra few nights (I love this place!) I had to relocate to new accommodation.

Uncomfortable Mess.

The day before, I got picked up at 2:00 am to go on a hike up Mt. Bator to watch the sunrise – amazing. The hike was brilliant, we each had flashlights to see where to place our feet on the ascent, which added to the adventure. It took about 2 hours to hike up to the top and the slip and slide back down took a little less. The exercise made my legs feel like jelly but it gave you such a nice tired feeling afterwards.

When I got back to my place I had to checkout and move up the road. My new place wasn’t ready and I had to kill three hours. That’s cool though, I left my bag there and wandered off. The problem was I felt DISGCUSTING, I sweated beyond the usual amount for a human on the hike (nice). I had blisters and I was covered in dust. I started feeling a bit miserable, It was the combination of sore feet, dirty body, tired, hot and room disappointment. So off I went to find food and then have a massage to pull myself back together also I had a shower at the massage place which made me feel a bit more normal again.

When I got back to my room I was gutted. It is SO stinky and covered in damp. This homestay is super cheap (mind you everywhere is super cheap) and had decent reviews on… no. It was beyond basic, basic is absolutely fine but it was stinky and felt worse than a prison room. There was damp all over the walls and the ‘en-suite’ was gross. There was also building work going on. The Bali style scaffolding – bamboo, was right outside my room blocking any chance of a ‘garden view’. It started at the foot of my patio area. The room is dark with a fake window on the wall. It just smells so bad in there! Oh well, my funds are running seriously low and beggars can’t be choosers.


That afternoon and early evening I spent some time battling with the internet connection in frustration then walked around the town and found dinner. I went to the outdoor market to wander but just found the hustle and bustle coupled with people persistently trying to sell me stuff and touching my arm, a bit much. I felt really overwhelmed. The noise, the hassle and the congestion of peoples, so promptly left. Went back to stink room and flopped on the gross bed.

I was feeling a bit crap and for the first time on the trip I felt alone. The crap feeling got me to thinking. I am actually grateful for feeling shit and for the stink room.



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