Spring Snow at Skibowl

So, you pack your spare shoes in a bag, stuff your clean socks in your purse and throw a hoody in the car with glee. We are off for fun day snow day!!

I have lived in the Portland area for 4 years and shamefully never been up the mountain – Mount Hood! I know, that’s pretty bad. Coming from England I haven’t experienced much in the way of snow during my lifetime until I came to grand old USA. I have done quite a bit of complaining to hubby in the past about how I have never really experienced where we live, so in a bid to shut me up, a snow afternoon was promised.

Mt. Hood Skibowl is somewhere you can go to throw yourself down a slope on an inner tube. Sounds like fun, yeah? Well it is.

It is spring and we were dressed for spring but had our spare clothes ready for some snow fun, in what is I imagine the last of the winter snow (I don’t know this for sure so if you want to go – Google it). The drive from the Portland Metro area didn’t take too long, about 1 1/2 hours. It was pretty cool when you’re driving and then Mt. Hood looms ahead behind the ever green trees. It just appears in it’s gigantic and quiet splendour. It may sound cliché but mountains like this have a silence about them, and a mysteriousness that good and bad things have happened there. It’s very alluring.


We arrive and eagerly rummage for our spare clothing/shoe stash. Yep…I had forgotten my shoes. I was wearing flip flops. What a plonker. LUCKILY husband had a spare pair of shoes in the car, phew! So I wore his shoes, he is not the same sized feet as me. Ahh well, who cares I’m here for some fun action not a fashion parade.


We were adult enough to use the ‘extreme’ slope, which was cool as there were a few kiddywinks running about. No offence to kiddos, it just felt cool to be ‘one of the big kids’. I have to say I was a little disappointed in how un extreme the extreme slope was. It was fine, just short. I think we were expecting a few twists and turns and stuff. The walk up the side to get to take off point was steep. Seriously, I am not unfit but it was like using a snowy stair mill with some of the height between each step being larger than your usual steps (I think this was the most extreme bit). I don’t mean to be a girl about it but I was wearing what felt like clown shoes on. You try walking in the snow with a few inches of spare shoe hanging off your toes and then climb up using previously made foot prints as the place to step into. The photograph here does not project the shoe issue well.

Felt a little excited when at the top as I had never done this before, you have to kind of launch off and lie down, heading down head first. It was COOL! It was, unfortunately, over in a few seconds then you get the joy of a hard core leg workout to get up to the top again. We went up and down many times, to the point where we are panting after the climb up like we have just been running, and your legs feel wobbly. Also, the sun was out and it got pretty warm and we sweated our %@~#/ off!No hoody in the snow

Snow play made us a little hungry so we treated ourselves to a slice of pizza like cardboard and cheese nachos that tasted of poo. We still ate it though, I think the food would be better in the depths of the season, it was pretty quiet when we were there.

Totally recommend the Skibowl! It was really cool to be surrounded by such beauty, we could have been anywhere really and it felt good to be up there and out of the usual surroundings.

I think we are very lucky to live somewhere so stunning, right on our doorstep.





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  1. Sheryl Burchett says:

    Looks like a lot of fun…good exercise too 😍


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