Wanna Get Your Wiki Wacked?


Refreshments are needed, where my beaches at?


It’s sounds painful but getting your Wiki Wacked is very very common indeed in Avalon, Catalina. Visit Luau Larry’s, ask for a Wiki Wacker, drink the colourful and flamboyant looking cocktail and enjoy sporting a new straw beach hat!

Luau Larry’s was frequented a few times during my jaunt to California’s little treasure island of Catalina. Right opposite the beach, this tiki style beach bar offers wooden parrots, fun times, nice pub style food (pizzas, fries, seafood and all that good ‘drinking food’) They have, on occasion, live music which when I was there was pretty good actually. It’s small but cosy and highly recommended. How else will you look like a complete tourist with an over obnoxious looking cocktail and straw hat on?

El Galleon looks like a Mexican style restaurant to me but it is actually a steak house/American food type of establishment. It is an unusual but fun assault on the eyes, with its eclectic mix of Mardi Gras meets Christmas and everything in between, décor. It’s casual, beach front and inviting and boasts Karaoke for – when I was there seemed to be taken very seriously, all to listen to or participate in.

Antonio’s Cabaret isn’t an actual cabaret bar but is a pizzeria come old galleon, dinning on the water front, bar. It has outdoor seating which is great but I have to say that you can’t beat sitting up at the bar – it feels almost like a diner with mini 1950’s style jukeboxes dotted along the bar top. You can sit eating peanuts and chucking the peanut shells on the floor, whilst enjoying more crazy colourful cocktails or something more ‘bar like’. If only the juke boxes worked! The food is Italian pizzeria style, pastas, sandwiches and all the usual pub fare. This is my husbands favourite, I think because it’s dark inside, sells vegetarian calzones and has a 50’s vibe (sorry, no images for this one).


Jack’s is my favourite place for breakie! It’s a diner style kitchen with a little bakery attached selling doughnuts and bagels and stuff. They serve breakfast until 3PM… so handy when you have missed breakfast, slightly gone over brunch but need some breakfast food to feel human again. It is full of pinup style pictures, has really friendly staff and the best waffles I’ve had in a ages – strawberries and cream with macadamia nuts. It gets super busy and so be prepared to put your name on the waiting list. It’s okay though, you can sit outside contemplating what you want to eat and time goes fairly quickly.


There are so many places to eat and be merry in Avalon, from Fish n Chips and Funnel Cakes on the pier, ice creams in freshly made waffle cones while you wander, burritos and burgers to grilled artichoke and fresh sea food.  There are drinks sold everywhere, so don’t worry about that and if you are up for a sticky floored, dark and kind of dated nightclub to throw some shapes in, they got you.

WARNING. Disappointment coming up.

On our way to the airport we hung out at a lovely swanky looking place called Fuego which is situated at The Maya Hotel in Long Beach, at the quayside. It looks fantastic, pricey but nice. We didn’t opt for the Easter brunch at $65 a head (gulp) but had some drinks instead and enjoyed the ambiance. The brunch looked AMAZING and I was mesmerised by the  pastel coloured ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ style pastries, cupcakes, decorated cookies and Petit Fours. They were so beautiful and magical! They tasted like crap.

I was cheeky enough to ask the waiter if I could try a cupcake.. and I could! So I went and selected a Choux Pastry Puff filled with pale yellow buttercream swirled in the centre, making it tower. I was slightly smug in front of my friends and made a big deal out of the fact I had fluked my way to trying one. Dug my fork into the top and squished a mouthful sized chunk and joyfully, slowly and with my eyes shut, placed it in my mouth. Well, it made my friends laugh to see my face change from joy to slightly screwed up and confused. It was as dry as old boots and the filling was a vegetable shortening, oily gross fake nastiness.

I was not expecting that at all!! The waiter then brought us over a plate with a selection of the Easter themed goodies on to try! He asked if the cake was everything I imagined it to be..my friend at the table answered for me and said, it was everything and more. The cakes and cookies were equally totally disappointing, clearly not made from scratch but from a nasty box mix. What a shame… tut tut

I am sure the rest of the food was fantastic.


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