Hot yoga, hot or not?

Part one.

It’s Friday and it’s happy hour! My local yoga studio runs a ‘Happy Hot Power Hour’ every Friday from 5-6. Hot yoga? I hear you cry… yep, hot yoga. To some this may sound appealing but to others it sounds like hard work and horribly uncomfortable.

This weekend I am focussing on finding some calm moments (in amongst the chaos) and tonight’s hot yoga class kicks that off. A trip to the Japanese Garden in Portland, OR is on the cards over the weekend as well. Hot yoga is something I have done a few times before but it has been a while since I did. I did go the other week and it inspired me to attend another class.

Yoga is a broad term in a way as it encompasses so may different forms of yoga practice. You have Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative…to name but a few. I think these days yoga is more commercially popular and seen as an exercise in light of working out. There is absolutely exercise involved with practicing  yoga without a doubt but there is less of a nod towards yoga in the traditional sense. Yoga, which originated in India, is a meditative, spiritual and a physical exercise. With an air of the metaphysical and a focus to the body, the breath and the environment.

Hot yoga is practised in a yoga studio which is heated to between 85-90 degrees. There are a few pointers to mention here. Bring water, you will need it. Bring a towel! You will definitely be needing that! And bring your own yoga mat, I don’t know about you but the idea of lying on, touching or using a mat that has been used by hordes of people sweating on it, is not appealing.

So, getting sweaty, is this the way forward? Does it help us bend that extra bit more and secrete our toxins through some serious sweating? A lot of people say yes and some say it’s not effective and unnecessary, either way it is definitely a personal choice but I will always say don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Part 2 of this post will be posted, post class.

What do you think of hot yoga?


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