Hot yoga, hot or not? Cont…

Part 2

Happy hot power hour is over and I’m home, fed and showered. I attended hot vinyasa flow at my local yoga studio. Seriously, after taking a break then doing it again I know my body is going to ache tomorrow, in that good ‘I’ve exercised’ kind of way.

It was hot (durr…it’s hot yoga) but seriously, it was hot. Within a few minutes I was dripping with sweat. Not just a little bit of ‘lady glisten’ and a gentle rosiness to my cheeks but sweating like I have never sweated before! I kept trying to peek at other people to be reassured it wasn’t just me being a sweaty betty and that I was actually doing the right moves. It was hard to tell as when in ‘downward facing dog’ – imagine an up side down V with your hands and feet on the floor, my wet hair was sticking to my face and sweat was running into my eyes causing some blindness. I could see some people didn’t seem to drip a drop?!

When I imagine myself practicing yoga I see elongated limbs and gentle yet strong movement’s, like a sophisticated and elegant swan. The harsh reality is I actually felt like a hippopotamus, and an awkward one at that! I sported lovely black mascara trails down my cheeks, wet hair like I’ve just got out of the shower and a blotchy red hot face. Not quite a good look me thinks. But hey, who cares what we look like when we are doing something good for our bodies right? There were some peeps that are obvious regulars, they are the ones who jump back into a plank rather than step back and who can contort their bodies in various binds (yoga term) and reaches. Some of which I know my body just says no way mate, you are and will remain stiff as a board.

This class is upbeat, the music is at a decent level and not your typical yoga music, it  definitely matches the tone and pace of the class. You move fairly quickly and with purpose. The yoga teacher was a girl calls Katrina Zenthoefer, she is great! I really like the way she is so descriptive and talks you through what we are doing consistently and clearly. She has a cool and relaxed manor, always address the class at the start, welcoming us and getting us to think about our intentions for the class and weekend ahead. Tonight’s playlist was all The Beatles – quite fitting as I’m British.

How do I feel? I feel good, I feel I have worked my whole body. I feel aligned physically (if that makes sense) and showering off the ton of sweat did make me feel that I had shed some of the crap stuff inside. I feel fresh.

I highly recommend you try hot yoga, I am interested to know how it is for you and if you have experienced positive effects from doing so. Let me know your thoughts.

I visited Yoga Omazing in the Tannasbourne area near Beaverton, OR.




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