I had a bath

No, not your regular bathtub bath. I had a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath.

What? I know, sounds so ‘hippy’ and it was but it was cool and sometimes you have to just try stuff. A yoga studio near me had this sound bath event, and I thought I would try it out. All in the name of relaxation – tough job but someone has to do it.

I learnt that it was a mediation/relaxing/healing process using sound, everyone can do with a bit of meditation, relaxing and healing at some point. I have always struggled with meditation when I have tried it, feeling unable to ‘do it right’ and rest the mind – which by the way is pretty hard as its noisy in there, but I’m on a quest to find a little calm, to not completely quiet the mind but just be restful in its noise… just notice it, look at it and let the thoughts come and go.

Sound is a profound, vibrational medicine; these baths provide a transformative environment in which to relax, expand, and heal – Shalom Mayberg

The yoga studio was warm and low lit, Shalom (the chap leading the evening) was sat on the floor surrounded by various sized crystal bowls and had a drum and some bells. People were situated on their yoga mats with blankets and bolsters, the room felt quiet, relaxed but with a slight air of anticipation. The whole evening was 1 1/2 hours long, Shalom chatted first for 15 minutes talking about his history and about the sound bath. He used to be a cop in Miami, went to travel India and basically to cut a long story short it changed his life, he gave up being a cop and now does this kind of thing! Sound healing, restorative yoga and intuitive healing.

Everyone got settled lying down with blankets, the first penetrating sound was of a drum and then Tibetan bells. I wanted to giggle, I don’t know why? Maybe slight embarrassment, maybe the idea of lying in a dark room full of strangers having a ‘sound bath’ but it was a nice friendly giggling, not in a mean way.

The crystal bowls created a sound that I was not expecting at all. It wasn’t a twinkly sound but rather a deep, penetrating, frequency, space-age pulsing sound. It was loud and circulated around the room, in one ear, and out the other. It sounded like he was doing it right next to me. The sounds bounced around, they seem to come at different levels, like multiple sounds within one sound.

The body sensations – although some may have been due to numbness of lying so very still in one position, were of not quite feeling my whole body on the floor, just one part at a time. It felt a little like floating, or more not really being anywhere with nothing above or below me. Sound odd to you? Yep, it was. I could hear some people had drifted into a sleep.

My experience at first were images running through my head, childhood images playing like an old family film flickering with no sound and just snippets or snapshots. Then things turned a little dream like and full of random ‘stuff’, although I was still present and not asleep, just totally relaxed, as if I was half asleep. This may sound a little strange but things got a little intense, in terms of the thoughts and visuals passing through my head. It was like travelling really quickly through space with stars flashing past me, it was cool but slightly edgy. I then kept having a bright and clear image of a beautiful elephant’s face decorated in eastern decoration and being on a beautiful beach somewhere gorgeous and tropical. Images of the globe kept coming too.

We were lying down for an hour but it didn’t feel like it at all. A gentle voice came and slowly brought everyone back to reality, guiding us through wiggling our toes and fingers. I didn’t want to move (and I couldn’t feel my feet from being so numb!) We all slowly sat up and for 15 minutes Shalom and some participants talked about their experience.

When it was time to go I didn’t feel like socializing much, I just wanted to remain all restful and quiet. When I got home, hubby was at the pub which meant I could just snuggle in my PJ’s and have a cosy drink. Then, drifted into a lovely deep sleep.

Shalom Mayberg

The yoga studio I went to was Yoga Omazing in the Tanasbourne area of Hillsboro and Beaverton, just outside Portland, OR.


Shalom Mayberg was the lovely teacher, you can find him on Facebook or on this website.

Peace out all.


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